Viking Homes is an Auckland based building company. We have a team of highly experienced builders with a wide range of skills.  
From building new homes, to complex renovations, we can tailor a job to suit your needs.
We can help you through the design process, right through to the end of your build for a seamless, stress free project.

Viking Homes is the sister company to Auckland House Lifting
which specialises in house lifting and basement dig outs.





The Viking Homes team is passionate about building and love the challenge of helping you achieve your housing goals, whether it be building a beautiful new home or changing an old dated home into an open modern space. 

With our house lifting rig, we have the ability to lift and prop your home 3 metres above the ground to add additional space underneath, in some cases, doubling your floor space. By lifting your home, you could gain a sea view, add a flat for extra income or add the garaging that your property is missing. 

Have a look at our gallery to see some of the great projects we have completed to date.







M: 021 150 3749